After Sales Services

After Sales Services

RMB SATECI S.A.C. as leader in the market, offers their customers Operational Availability, ensuring that their units are always working when needed. Regarding this, our After Sales Department provides various services to help our clients during their operations, performing preventive and corrective works on their units.

Control Inspections

Preventive inspections are offered to our customers, in order to ensure the operational availability of their units, and make improvements on our future products.

Maintenance Services

We have three types of services that fit the specific needs of each client:

  • Basic Service.

  • Standard Service.

  • Premium Service.

For more details, contact your sales consultant.

Technical Training

We offer technical training to our customers so that they get to know better our products and learn the correct way to operate them. This training can be extended to their commercial, administrative, technical and after sales staff, and can be done anytime the client requests on their facilities, our facilities and even on site.

The training includes technical and operational knowledge topics, as well as maintenance, warranty issues and the access to our telephone's technical support.

Parts Sales

RMB SATECI S.A.C. has an inventory of over 8 million of spare parts to immediately meet our customers when they have problems that warrant changing parts or parts with warranty, etc.