• We ensure maximum operational
    for your transport units.
  • With the best Customer Service, Delivery in Time
    and After Sales support,
    compatible with our security processes and
    quality, engineering and innovation and environmental care.
  • We manufacture a variety of
    products, segmented into 3
    classes of bodies:
    Superstructure, Semitrailer
    and Trailer.

Costumer Service

We offer quality service, technical and commercial advice to our customers since the start of their projects, and we are present during and after the delivery of their units.

Deliver In Time

We have a production plant with over 20,000 mts2, with teams of high technology, and supply chain ready to work 24 hours a day, ensuring fast deliveries to our customers begin to operate ahead of schedule.

After Sales Support

We offer preventive inspection visits, where our engineers perform a thorough collection of information and a situational analysis of each of the units, which allows us to detect and correct problems early in the course, ensuring the continuity of operations of our customers and we have the best response times sales, serving customers on site when required.

Security and Quality

Our production process is conducted under standards of safety and quality, we conduct quality control throughout the manufacturing process, today we have the ISO 2001 and OHSAS 18001.

Engineering and Innovation

Our units created with designs prepared by our team of top-notch engineers, combining experience with modern techniques, which enables us to provide high quality products, ensuring the operation of the units to our clients, and make continuous improvements to the units according to the changing needs of customers.

Environmental Care

We contribute to the care of the planet and the environment by separating our waste by type, work with recyclable merchandising and prefer to work with digital files and non-print.